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Farmland Cottage
Broadmoor Road


Norfolk IP25 6SZ


Kaye Bailey- Director

Tel: 07429035821


Jeff Bailey- Director Tel: 07546089911

Manager- Emily Brook

Merrimore House- 01485535299

Manager- Gina Smith 

Fullwood House- 01159445066

Manager- Sue Taverner

Milton House- 01234 602741

                                                                   Activities Page 

Cooking 2024 

One of the residents at Merrimore had fun doing some baking with the staff. They used some Rhubarb that we had grown and made some Ruhbarb muffins out of it. They all liked these. 

Wrestling 2024 

Two of the residents from Merrimore had an evening at a local wrestling event. They really enjoyed this as a first time experience. 

Gressenhall trip 2024 

Some of the residents at Merrimore enjoyed a fantastic day out at Gressenhall. They all had a brilliant day. 

Birthdays 2024 

One of the residents at Merrimore had a lovely birthday. He enjoyed all of his gifts, his lovely homemade chocolate cake made by one of the staff, and enjoyed a take-out at his favorite fish and chips.

Easter 2024

The individuals at Merrimore had a lovely Easter and had great fun finding their eggs around the house. 

Easter crafts 2024 

We have had great fun so far decorating the living room with handmade Easter Crafts that we have made. 

Pancake day 2024

The residents at Merrimore all enjoyed some pancakes for pancake day. 

Birthdays 2024

One of the resident's at Merrimore had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed his homemade cake that was made by one of the staff and a lovely take out. 

New years eve 2023

The Resident's at Merrimore enjoyed a lovely buffet dinner to celebrate the new year. Some of them also had a games night which they found fun. 

Christmas Crafts 2023

The resident's at Merrimore like to decorate our fireplace. We have started decorating it with a Christmas theme. 

Military day 2023

Some of the resident's from Merrimore enjoyed a lovely day out to a Military day with a member of staff. They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and came back with lots of things they had brought. 

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