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                                                                   Activities Page 

Resident's Birthdays 2022

We had fun celebrating a Resident's birthday and he had a lovely day as you can see from the pictures above. 

Pumpkin Carving 2021

The residents enjoy doing halloween activites so they had great fun doing some pumpkin carving with a member of staff. 

Convention 2021

One of the residents has been waiting a long time to go to a convention due to Covid and they were finally able to go this year. They had a fabulous time with lots of smiling and laughing. 

halloween Decorations 2021

Some of the residents had great fun making some halloween decorations for the home and then a resident helped to display all of the creations in the home. 

Butlins 2021

One of the residents from Merrimore had a fantastic time away at Butlins and above are some pictures of some of the activities they did while they were away. 

Birthday meal 

The residents all enjoyed a lovely meal together for one of the residents birthdays. 


The residents all had a fantastic time going to see the new Fast and Furious film in the cinema. 

Sun flower progress

Above are some pictures of how well our sun flowers are growing which the residents are very pleased with and cannot wait until they flower.  

Above are some pictures of some of the activities the residents have been doing around the home. They have had fun making homemade cards, paitning their planters they made and doing some crafty things with staff. 

Today the residents had a go at making some bird feeders to hang up outside. We have also planted some sun flower seeds and we are going to see who's will grow the tallest. 

Easter Activities 2021

We had ago at making an easter wreath for the home and have displayed it in the window. 

Today we had great fun doing an easter egg hunt which everyone enjoyed 

We had fun paiting our own coaster and decided to design it with an Easter theme. 

Today we had fun making a bunny from book folding 

Today we had a go at making some easter baskets ready for any easter eggs the residents might recieve. 

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